About Goldentech Roots Blower


We are the best pneumatic conveying solution.

GOLDENTECH, established in 1982, is the most professional blowers and air handling manufacturer in South East Asia. With nearly 40 years of experience, we continuously insist on creating more value for various types of pneumatic conveying systems and offering professional technical support, such as Root blowers, Disc/Tube diffusers, Bio-contact filters, Vacuum pumps, Submersible pumps, etc. Based on the trust and expectations of our customers, we are dedicated to developing outstanding products. Nowadays, our OEM/OEM products are highly praised and appreciated by many industries, which not only make us become the designated manufacturer of major domestic brands but also export to Japan, Germany, and other countries around the world.

In terms of quality, to bringing customers high-quality and durable pneumatic conveying equipment, every product is to be ready for shipment after qualified by wind tunnel testing and the strict quality control passed. They are manufactured, assembled, and calibrated by professional technicians in Taiwan. The highest performance and practicality provide the best efficiency for the wastewater treatment factories, aeration facilities, paper industry, aquaculture, and other industries. 

What is Our Mission?

The state-of-the-art technique makes us outstanding. 

We engage in the R&D of pneumatic conveying facilities and aeration treatment systems for many years. With state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, we have the ability to manufacture rotors with high precision. GOLDENTECH products feature durability, reliability, and they can support high pressure up to 8000 mmAq, and air volume reaches 350 m3/min for maximum.


Providing most professional service brings your benefits 

We also attach importance to providing after-sales service for customers. Our service is not limited to our own-produced products, we also have experience in maintenance blowers from different countries. With the professional skills and experience of engineers, we will provide you with the most professional on-site assessment and installation, maintenance, and delivery services.


Quality Assurance

  • Praised and designated by the major brands, we export to Japan, Germany, and more countries.
  • Sold more than 3,000 units monthly, and become the No. 1 manufacturer in Asia.
  • Approved by ISO 9001 certificate.
  • All products are made in Taiwan.



Principal of Expertise

High Performance

GOLDENTECH ring blowers are equipped with I.E.C. Designed motor (1HP UP). Also, the three-lobes root blowers can effectively improve the discharge pressure fluctuation rate and increase the durability of the bearing to more than 15%. 

Low Noise

Our precise manufacturing makes the products optimized to reduce the pressure for the rotor generated by the countercurrent during the process. They effectively reduce the noise during operation by more than 5dB.

Special Purpose

We are available to provide suitable equipment for specific applications in different industries, such as chemical corrosion, high pressure, vacuum, special gas, etc. Please inform us of your needs, we will provide you with air handling solutions.


Industrial Applications

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

In response to the environmental protection industries, GLODENTECH offers stable and high-quality aeration blowers for the wastewater treatment plants to optimize the application in sediment agitation and improve the efficiency of the sewage aeration systems.

Electroplating Agitation

For the application of electroplating, GHS model stirs with a longer air volume and performs the metallic solutions evenly covered the workpieces. The features of oil-free and pollution-free bring reliable production and quality assurance. 

Powder Process-Solutions

For the application of powder conveying industries, GOLDENTECH provides reliable air current and air volume. Also, the products’ features of low noise can achieve better work quality in industrial environments such as the plastics industry and cement industry.

Paper Manufacturing Process

Considering that the paper industries have to minimize manufacturing costs, we offer the blowers with advantages of small size and light weight. Also, the high-efficiency German vacuum pumps can provide efficiency for paper manufacturing.

Aeration and Oxygenation

GLODENTECH achieves the large-scale aeration and oxygenation applications for aquaculture. With a series of underwater microporous oxygen supply equipment, such as submersible roots blower, diffuser, etc., supply the oxygen evenly into the water.

Other Industrial Applications

GOLDENTECH due our diligence to providing many industries air handling solutions. At present, we have been involved in many industrial applications, such as: gas and heavy oil combustion, punching machines, flue gas blowing, food processing, etc.

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