Roots Blower for a Cement Manufacturing Plant

Goldentech roots blower has been applied in multiple industries, such as agriculture, water treatment, paper, plastics, chemical, power generation, textile, cement industries and etc. 

Cement Industry (cement manufacturing plant) consists of many stages. To complete such complex kind of process, roots blower are required and play an important role. 

In a cement manufacturing plant, raw meal, cement, kiln dust, limestone and coal powder are pneumatic conveyed by roots blowers. They are used to blend raw meal, aerate raw meal and cement and blow air into kilns and burners for combustion during the operations. Goldentech roots blower’s high quality is undoubted the most reliable choice for such strict and critical environment for a cement manufacturing plant. 

Roots blower(rotary compressor) helps to convey cement and fly ash from one point to another and also increase total productivity in a cement manufacturing plant. Roots blower’s strong pneumatic conveying ability makes it the very top choice in all industries. 

Goldentech roots blower now has different type of blowers, such as vacuum type roots blower, water-cooling type roots blower, vertical roots blower, ring blower and etc. Please find out more info in our official website and don’t hesitate to contact our salesman if you have any questions. 


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