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Goldentech Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982. We are the most professional Tri-lobed Roots Blower Manufacturer in Southeast Asia. After repeatedly research and strict quality test and control, Goldentech Roots Blower was confirmed the best Roots Blower supplier by our customers around the world. Monthly shipment over 3,000 sets.


• Wastewater Treatment Aeration

• Pneumatic Conveying (Pressure & Vaccuum)

• Aquaculture Farm (Increasing Dissoved Oxygen)

• Air-mixed for Eletroplating Industry

• Other Industrial Applications

Types of Roots Blower

• Horizontal Roots Blower

• Vertical Roots Blower

• Submersible Roots Blower

• Water-cooling Roots Blower

• Dual-stage Roots Blower

• Vacuum Roots Blower


• Capacity:0.5~350 m3/min

• Pressure:1,000~8,000 mmAq.

• Pressure: 8,000~12,000 mmAq.

(Water-cooling and Dual-stage Roots Blower)


• ISO 9001


Business Philosophy

Our company's business philosophies are as follows:

• Outstanding Technical Innovation.

• Efficiency of Production.

• Fair and Rewarding Working Conditions for Employees.

• Dedicated Customer Service.


How to Roots Blowers Work?

A roots blower is a positive displacement rotary lobe pump, also known as "blowers". It's frequently used in manufacturing industrial and processing systems and operates using the isochoric compression principle, also known as external compression, to generate constant medium and low pressure. In addition, Goldentech provides vacuum root blowers to meet any demand for airflow power.


Roots blower operates by two identical and symmetrical rotors, the lobes composed of 2 or 3 impellers. The process starts with the air flowing from the inlet import into the chamber. With the rotation of the rotors, the air moves from the inlet to the outlet through the meshing lobes between the rotor and rotor, to create a so-called "air flow direction". The airflow rate is controlled by the rotation speed of the rotor. Based on the air pressure doesn't change when the rotor rotates, so air compression is not easy to occur. In the heat dissipation system, root blowers are usually equipped with air cooling, but we also provide water-cooled, submerged, etc.

Applications of Root Blowers:

Root blowers are widely used in many industries and industrial processes, including pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, papermaking, electroplating, plastic particle conveying, fishery, and so on. Mainly we can divide the applications into the following categories:  

Drying and dewatering: dust collection, spraying, supercharger regeneration, paper drying, washing, drying, and cleaning drums, etc.

Aeration and mixing: sewage purifier, electroplating tank, manure composting, liquid mixing, chemical processes, etc.

Pneumatic conveying: oxygen supply in aquaculture ponds, grain conveying, powder conveying, food processing, gas stoves, etc. 

The Features of Root Blowers:

Goldentech specializes in producing root blowers with both high quality and price. As an advanced gas processing machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, the performance of our products is improved to carrying a powerful electric motor and precise impeller processing. With special lobes design, the blower has the advantages of high pressure, large air volume, and low noise. The most benefit of the root blower is its simple but sturdy structure, as well as a wide range of pressure and vacuum adjustment. You can just only simple maintenance can extend the life of the root blower. Moreover, you can be used with the fine-bubble diffuser and the fine-bubble diffuser for sewage to maximize the efficiency of the blower.

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