• Pressure Roots Blowers
  • Pressure Roots Blowers

Pressure Roots Blowers

Goldentech Three lobes type Roots Blower was manufactured by CNC machine for precise rotors for high performance, and low noise and vibration.
Model : GT series

♦Wide range for outlet air volume and pressure

♦Stable outlet air volume and pressure change.

♦Clear outlet air. No oil polluted. Dual oil cases separated from air cell.

♦Rigid and solid construction. Easy for maintenance.

♦Bearings lubricated by gear oil. Good heat radiation. Long working hours.

Roots Blower Specification:




0.5~360 m3/min





♦Longer Bearing Life

Less vibration transmitted throught the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life.

♦Lower Noise

Pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower.

Three lobes' design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5dB.

♦Lower energy consumption  

Three lobes' design control backflow pressure to rotor so reduce energy consumption.

♦ Wastewater treatment

♦ Aquaculture Farm

♦ Particle (pneumatic or pressure) conveying

♦ Paper industry

♦ Eletroplating pool Air mixed

♦ Aeration Tank

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