• Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser
  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

1.Easy to install.
3.Durability and Corrosion resistance.
4.Higher oxygen dissolution rate .
5.Corrosion resistance.
6.Prevent backflow without clogging.
Model : LTD-225

Product Description:

GOLDENTECH provides you with the most professional wastewater treatment devices.

GOLDENTECH Fine Bubble Disc/Tube Diffuser is an excellent product designed to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment systems. With pneumatic conveying by roots blower, the fine bubbles will exhaust air via the disc diffuser which can effectively increase the amount of dissolved oxygen and assist the water surface disturbed by waves. It also prevents the backflow of water in a high-pressure environment and continues to supply oxygen to microorganisms, which can effectively remove toxic organic compounds (BOD/COD) and other harmful substances to clarify effluent.

Advantages of Disc Diffuser:

  • High Oxygen Efficiency (OTE):

The diffuser is evenly covered with more than 4,000 air holes on the surface. after being inflated in water, the tiny bubbles with a size of 1 to 3mm will be emerged and have a good flow rate and flow pattern. Because of the wide contact area of sewage, there is a good oxygen transmission efficiency, even if it supplies evenly distributed oxygen when works at a small flow rate.

  • Efficient Energy Conservation:

The diffuser has a high oxygen transfer efficiency, and you can choose the economic blower to meet the DTR requirement of the aeration process. It also has a strong oxygenation capacity and oxygen transmission effect. OTE can reach 25% (4M water depth and 2CMH wind capacity).

  • Prevent The Backflow of Sludge:

Dual Membrane Diffuser has a built-in backflow prevent design. The EPDM rubber membrane closes over the diffuser inlet when the air supply is shut down so the diffuser resists backflow and the production of algae, reducing the risk of clogging or fouling.

  • Reliability and Long Service Life:

The membrane is made of EPDM of high elasticity and tear resistance and manufactured via injection molding to make it a uniform thickness, higher density, lower resistance curve, and lower pressure loss, etc., advantages. 

Industries & Applications:

  • Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Biological Treatment Process
  • Greywater Recycling System
  • Sludge Stabilization
  • Wastewater Ozone Diffusion
  • Aquaculture Aeration Systems
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Fish farming 
  • Activated sludge 
  • Filter aeration systems 
  • Ozone diffusion 
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