Root Blower for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Roots blower can be applied to various fields, such as Plastics, Power Generation, Textile, Water Treatment, Packing, Cement, Chemical and etc. Of course, food processing and pharmaceutical industries are included. Also, roots blower will be essential for beverages and poultry plants. In food process, vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying will be required to transfer granular and powder. Materials such as salt, flour, spices, sugar, cocoa, and milk powder will need pneumatic conveying during the process. Roots blower will efficiently help granule materials travel through the process at a fast and stable speed. 

Furthermore, food and pharmaceutical plants need to be equipped with large wastewater treatment systems to treat organic waste and decontaminate processed water. Food process plants will always count on roots blowers to make sure everything step goes smoothly. 

Goldentech roots blower is now quite popular and has gained customers’ reputation all over the world. Due to our stable quality, service and competitive price, more and more global buyers require only Goldentech roots blower for their business. Now, we provide our customers with different type of roots blower, such as vertical roots blower, horizontal roots blower, vacuum roots blower, water-cooled roots blower, ring blower and etc. Our experienced engineers can always help our customers with the satisfactory option for the blower.

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