Roots Blowers for Wastewater Treatment

Roots blowers are one of the essential equipment for sewage treatment. During the process, blowers determine the effect and energy consumption. In biological waste water treatment plants, aeration tanks are built to remove organic matter from the water. Microorganism growth will be promoted by oxygenation in aeration tank.  Microorganisms can efficiently and successfully break down organic content. Hence, roots blower conveys air to tanks and supply oxygen to microorganisms.

Bubbles (pressurized air) are delivered through bubble diffusers on the bottom of the chamber, which allows the microorganisms to suspend in the water and stays functional. Therefore, rotary lobe blowers play an important role on the whole water treatment process.


When the depth reached over 6 meters, site engineers will have to choose water-cooling type of roots blowers. High temperature of air and lubricate (gear oil) will both create damage to the blowers; hence, water-cooling roots blower will be the solution when there comes a deeper aeration tank.


Fine bubble disc/tube diffusers always come with high-pressured roots fans. They convert air from rotary blowers into fine bubbles to provide oxygen, stir, and purify the sewage. Depending on functions that the water tanks require, site engineers will choose types of diffusers. Coarse bubble diffuser, in the other hand, is for stirring.

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