2019 Water Philippines Expo

Greetings from Goldentech!! 

It was a great experience in Water Philippines Expo with my best Filipino partner. I'm glad that my partner is so confident in our Roots Blower. Goldentech guarantees to provide the most competitive quality, price and service to our valued customers all over the world. 


More and more factories, schools and hospitals are required to have standard and complete system of wastewater treatment. Our roots blower has become extremely popular in Philippines. We do have a very strong distributor over there. If you should have requirement for STP or WWTP service, you must contact our partner. They provide professional service on STP and WWTP and have been designing them for over 35 years. Surely they're one of the most popular engineering company in Philippines!


Please don't for get our main products:

Tri-lobed Roots Blower

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Ring Blower


Let's visit Philippines someday again! It's my pleasure to get to see a beautiful country like them and meet such nice people!

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