• Vertical Roots Blower

Vertical Roots Blower

Vertical type design.
Small space requirement.
Direct-drive pulley connected motor shaft and blower shaft. No belts consuming.
Model : VGT series

♦ Compact / Motor is installed vertically above the pump. 

♦ Strict management of quality standards. For convenience, the motor and blower’s body are connected as one to avoid conveyor installation. 

♦ Technical customization (size, pressure, design, pump accessories. 

♦ Assembled using state-of-the-art CNC machinery enabling precise measurements and grinding needed for more efficient pumping. 

♦ Fewer vibrations transmitted through the lobe, for longer-lasting shafts, gears and bearings. 

♦ Three-lobe design controls any backflow pressure towards rotor. 

♦ Oil and dust-free outlet. 

♦ Lubricated with high grade oil, proven to be a much better alternative to grease. 

♦ Significant improvement in air performance ratios: wider air, pressure and vacuum range, more stable flow, fewer pressure variations. 

♦ Lower energy consumption. 

♦ All our products can be used for OEM. 

♦ Wastewater treatment

Activated sludge systems

♦ Particle (pneumatic or pressure) conveying

♦ Paper industry

♦ Eletroplating pool Air mixed

♦ Aeration tank

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